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Turin Confidential. Cosa succede a Torino: informazioni per chi arriva in città


What’s on in Turin: events and attractions for tourists, occasional visitors and expats

The Italian Constitution states that our country guarantees school for, that art and science are free and so is their teaching. The European Heritage Days are a beautiful occasion to open cultural places and welcome all sorts of visitors. All inclusive is this year shared theme, thus encouraging discussion and participation of all races, religions, ethnicities, genders, abilities and sexual orientations. Last month our city has welcomed Afghan refugees to remind us that it is our job to open up doors and allow better life chances to people escaping from wars, hunger and unacceptable human conditions.

Thanks to the European Heritage Days, Saturday 25 and Sunday 26, many museums and galleries will open their doors at the cost of 1 euro, offering guided tours and digital initiatives. Some locations will remain open during the evening too. A great occasion to discover Villa della Regina or the sumptuous Palazzo Carignano.

Events and festivals

From 21 to 26 September, Festival delle Migrazioni reminds us that humans are migrating creatures. We have moved for centuries, we will always do. Concerts, meetings, workshops and even dinners shall remind us that frontiers cannot stop men and women from moving and discovering our beautiful planet.

Until September 26, Graphic days, the festival dedicated to visual design, proposes a program rich in performances, workshops, exhibitions under the main theme “Touch”.  A clear invitation to stop experiencing life from our homes.

Art site fest is a festival that takes place in several castles, residences and company museums until November 7. The lovely program spans over theatre, visual art and dance performances. A great way to experience enchanting locations such as Palazzo Madama or the Historical State Archive.

Saturday 25 September you can jump on an electric bus that will connect Turin to Rivoli together with artists and a renowned Italian art critic, Achille Bonito Oliva. The bus will bring you to the Rivoli Castle and then back to Turin. The event has a cost of 15 euros and will be repeated once a month until December.



Mito is the festival that takes place both in Milan and Torino. The 15th editions include concerts spanning all around the city, from Mozart to Schubert with the classic repertoire that now and then melts with a more contemporary sound.

Not only theatres and traditional concert halls, the section entitled Mito for the city brings concerts into schools, recoveries and vaccination hubs.


Corso Parigi is a club near Porta Nuova station with an interesting cultural program.  Friday 24 you can find a duo proposing Italian music and Saturday 25 a Beatles tribute band. Generally, a small contribution for the artists is requested but, to enter, you also need the ARCI card, that you can subscribe there. Booking a table is strongly recommended and, of course, do not forget your green pass (or a 2-day old Covid-19 negative test).



Monday 20, the movie Dune by Denis Villeneuve will be screened in English  (with Italian subtitles) at 6.30 pm at Ideal, at 9.30 pm at Due Giardini and Fratelli Marx.  A good occasion also for those who love movies in original language or need to boost their English.

From punk to the love parade, the Seeyousound festival proposes a documentary entitled B-movie- Lust and sound in South Berlin. Tickets only online here.


From Friday 24 to October 10, Accademia Albertina, Turin’s fine arts academy, inaugurates a new exhibition entitled Un acquario sotto la città, which is part of Biennale di Democrazia. Next to the academy, you can also find the Pinacoteque, with its precious collection of paintings and drawings.

Until October 3, Gam hosts an exhibition entitled On the principle of contraddiction. Five artists present works were at least two elements seem to contradict one another.

For children (and food lovers)


Until October 10, Zoom organizes a Street Food festival and if you enter after 4pm, you can buy the ticket at a discounted price.

From 18 to 25 September, in Moncalieri children can find Open-T, a Festival to promote theatre and reading.


And for a moment of little pleasure…


This is the best period to visit food festivals, wineries and taste the new wine. But September is also the month where a real jewel of the Piedmontese food tradition is prepared: cugnà. This jam is made with the last fruit of summer cooked in the wine must and is generally paired with meat and cheese. You can find it in traditional restaurants or trattorias or even in shops selling Piedmontese delicacies. Try it with a Toma or a Raschera cheese, and then let me know.

Lori Barozzino

Take a look at the last articles HERE as many events are still taking place.

Lori is an interpreter and translator who lives in Turin. If you want to read more, here’s her blog.

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