Turin Confidential. Cosa succede a Torino: informazioni per chi arriva in città - Il Torinese

Turin Confidential. Cosa succede a Torino: informazioni per chi arriva in città

What’s on in Turin: events and attractions for tourists, occasional visitors and expats

The cold season is gently approaching and we can say goodbye to swimwear and light clothes. For me, this means sweaters, warm jackets and scarves. And of course, indulging on food a bit more since the terrible bikini season is quite far now. While waiting for the Panettoni fest on 4 and 5 December, the city, as well as the entire Piedmont region, is giving space to festival and events where food is the main protagonist. So, let’s wear comfortable shoes and garments and go food hunting.


Events and festivals

Until Sunday 10, at Docks Dora there is the Tripel B Fest, an amazing occasion to taste Belgian Beers, while in various locations of the city you can find the Play With Food Festival, with a program of theatre and performing arts that revolve around food.

From 9 to 10 October the Hunting Residence of Stupinigi hosts Floreal, the festival dedicated to flowers and plants. The program also includes conferences, book presentations, exhibitions, workshops and… food. In fact, you can find cooking lessons, chefs as well as the stand of Costadoro, renowned coffee roaster from Turin and Birra Exit, artisanal beer producer.

From 14 to 18 October, the international book fair awaits you at Lingotto. The program includes also events all around the city.

From 8 to 10 October, Torino Stratosferica presents the Festival entitled Utopian Hours, a gathering for visionary and creative people.



Oscar Giammarinaro, leader of the iconic ska and Turin-based band Statuto, will perform at Caffè Neruda Saturday 9 October. The artist with a 30-year long career is presenting his solo project marked by a refined style, intimate songs and elegant atmosphere.


Museums and Exhibitions

At Fondazione Merz  the exhibition dedicated to Marisa and Mario Merz continues, while, from October 12,  one of Merz’s iconic igloo can be seen near Fontana del Cervo, the deer fountain, inside Reggia di Venaria.


On October 14, Gam opens the exhibitions dedicated to Giovanni Fattori, with masterpieces of the 20th Century.

From October 7, Palazzo Madama hosts the exhibition dedicated to the European Renaissance of Antoine de Lonhy.

Few days remain to visit the  exhibition entitled Un acquario sotto la città, which is part of Biennale di Democrazia  at Accademia Albertina, Turin’s fine arts academy. The exhibitions is open until October 10, but from 8 to 24 October you can find Persistenze, an exhibition included in the Biennale of Ars Captiva. The location is the enchanting Rotonda Talucchi, that is worth a visit even only for its architectural structure.

And how about taking a ride out of town? At Torre Pellice, the Tucci Russo art gallery hosts an exhibition dedicated to Tony Craig, from Sunday 10 October to January 30. A great occasion also to visit the town famous for the Waldensian community and taste traditional delicacies such as bunet or bollito misto.


And for a moment of little pleasure…

Autumn is knocking at our doors, and so is the Piedmontese anti-vampire dish called bagna cauda. This sauce prepared with garlic (a lot of garlic) can be found in traditional restaurants and it is generally paired with vegetables and potatoes. But let me warn you: this is not the right dish for a romantic first dinner or if you have a business meeting the next day. Try bagna cauda with your long-term partner, family or friends. Or, as I said before, if you need to fight against Dracula.


Lori Barozzino

Take a look at the last articles HERE as many events are still taking place.

Lori is an interpreter and translator who lives in Turin. If you want to read more, here’s her blog.

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