Turin Confidential special Edition: 20 things to do in August


Cosa succede a Torino: informazioni per chi arriva in città 


What’s on in Turin: events and attractions for tourists, occasional visitors and expats

Are you spending August in Turin and you do not know what to do? Or are you here visiting and in search of ideas to discover our city? You might have noticed that some shops or attractions are closed, especially in the two central weeks of August. But fear not, Turin has still a lot to offer. Since I believe that staycation can be as funny as a far from home holiday, here is a special edition of my column. You will find ideas on how to experience Turin at its best. Ready?

  • Visit Mao at a special price. On August 15, Mao gives you the possibility to enter at the special price of 1 euro. There will also be two guided tours: one at 3 pm to discover the collection, and the other at 4.30 pm to visit the exhibition China goes Urban.
  • Also Gam and Palazzo Madama will open their doors at the special price of 1 euro on August 15 (also if you have the Museum pass). The ticket includes temporary and permanent exhibitions except: Viaggio Controcorrente at the Gam and World Press Photo at Palazzo Madama
  • Take a selfie in Largo Montebello. Here the area included between Via Montebello and Via Santa Giulia has been decorated with polka dots. I personally like this unusual yet playful corner of the city. What do you think?
  • From 26 to 19 August, Todays festival presents a selection of bands from all over the world. It has been defined one of the most refined Italian festival. Concerts take place in former industrial facilities thus providing an urban and fascinating atmosphere.
  • Back to Largo Montebello, you can find two other curious elements: the street sign decorated by street artist Clet and the house of a teacher who inspired a character of the renowned book Cuore, written by De Amicis. Which bring us to the next point.
  • How about choosing a bench in a public garden such as Aiuola Balbo or Giardini Cavour and read a book? Maybe about Turin. One of my favorites is La Casa di Tolkien, written by Andrea Pedrana and Roberta Pellegrini. The description of a kiss under a street lamp will leave you breathless. I do not think the book has been translated into English, but in case you are trying to learn our language, this is definitely a nice option.
  • Why not searching for the crazy buildings conceived by Antonelli? This renowned architect is not only the mind behind Mole Antonelliana. He also signed the iconic Casa delle Colonne and the really weird Fetta di Polenta.
  • Talking about street lamps and benches, in Piazza Carlo Emanuele II, that we call Piazza Carlina, you can take a seat under the marvelous art installation conceived by artist Nicola De Maria. At night, the atmosphere can have the flavor of an ice cream of Mara dei Boschi. Their dark chocolate is really something to die for.
  • Have a sandwich at Mulassano. Did you know that this little gem is the place where the traditional tramezzino was invented?
  • The Egyptian Museum doesn’t go on holiday. It seems mummies prefer to relax in town. And if you speak Italian, on August 20 you can join a visit personally guided by the managing director.
  • Get fit at Parco della Pellerina. This immense green lung of Turin includes walking paths, tiny hills, ponds and areas to run or take some exercise.
  • We do not only have the Pellerina park. Thanks to the new green belt, grab a bicycle and take a ride along the new cycling path that connects Parco Dora, the park of Via Calabria, Pellerina and the garden of the Lucento Castle.
  • How about stopping at Parco Dora? This former industrial area includes playgrounds, walking paths, the river Dora Riparia and plenty of graffiti, the perfect location for a contemporary pic-nic.
  • Ops, it seems I have forgotten the other green lungs of the city. Parco del Valentino stretches along the Po river. Here you can take a walk and meet the many squirrels that live here.
  • Inside the Valentino Park, one cannot forget the Medieval Village. This little hamlet was built during the Romantic period for an Expo. It is truly enchanting. Make a wish while throwing a coin into the pomegranate fountain.
  • Talking about graffiti, Mau is an open space museum that stretches along the streets of the district called Cit Turin, little Turin. Contact them for a guided tour.
  • Go to Via Lanza and find that special spot between Via Volturno and Via Crimea.  Here Mole Antonelliana and Monte dei Cappuccini seem to be one next to the other. Taking the perfect picture is not easy, but the result is absolutely worth the effort.
  • Discover Turin as the set of many movies. In Via Lanza you can find Villa Scott, which was used for Dario Argento’s Profondo Rosso. The arcades in Via Roma witnessed a spectacular char chase in The Italian job. Just do not try to repeat it now.
  • Who needs Rome when you have Piazza San Carlo and its ancient cafes to experience La Dolce Vita? During the weekends, in front of the bank Intesa San Paolo, you will also be surprised by a group of musicians that gather together to play and sing traditional Italian songs.

Of course, you can always visit museums, churches and art galleries. Visit the Tourist Office in Piazza Castello, ask for city map or help to plan your movements.  You can also buy the Torino Card, a museum pass that will allow you to save a lot of money. Money that you can promptly invest in a huge, fresh, delicious ice-cream. Which leads us to the final tip.

  • Head to Marchetti in Piazza Cln and do not forget to top everything with their delicious whipped cream. See you in September!

Take a look at the last articles here as many events are still taking place.

Lori is an interpreter and translator who lives in Turin. If you want to read more, here’s her blog.


Loredana Barozzino

La foto di copertina è Eliana Russo:  si tratta del punto n.17. Non molti conoscono questo effetto ottico che mostra la Mole e il Monte dei Cappuccini in un’unica visione

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